Friday, June 11, 2010

Top 10 Add-ons in Google Chrome Web Browser

There are a lot of add-ons(or)extensions in google chrome.We will describe about some addons which helps you to run the google chrome in very interesting way...

1)AdBlock Extension:

These is one of the top most extension in google chrome.It blocks ads in the web page before loading, it also block the spam ads in the web page.It has another new feature include filter statistics (hits counter) and the ability to enable or disable individual filters without removing them.

2)Googel Email checker:

Google email checker helps the user to display the unread emails in the inbox whenever u login into your gmail account.It will have a button on right side which indicates the number of unread mails in your gmail inbox , whenever you click that button it redriect the current webpage into your Gmail accont

3)Faster chrome-Browse Faster:

It is another cool extension in the google chrome in which whenever u reach end of the google search page, it will automatically loads the next page just before you reach the end so you don't have to click "Next" and wait.

4)Webpage Screenshot:

Fast and simple extension for google chrome for taking screenshots(or)capturing the whole web page.Just one click u can save the image of any webpage that you are interested into your system.You can save the screenshot of webpage in different formats png or jpeg.

5)Chrome TV:

chrome TV is the coolest free plug-in to watch online TV direct from your browser which out any software.There are a lot of tv channels to view like Entertainment,Movies,Music,Cartoons etc.

6) RapidShare DownloadHelper:

By using this plug-in you can download the rapidshare files one by one without using the premium account.Just click the free user the file will be automatically starts the download once the countdown is over so you don't need to monitor it.

7)Speed Dial:

It's a great extension for adding the number of web pages into the speed dial.we can open the web pages without entering the site address in the URL.

8)Fast YouTube Search:

It is very exciting plug-in for searching the videos in the youtube without going to the website it saves alot of time and searches the videos in the youtube very accurately.

9)MegaUpload DownloadHelper:

This plugin helps the user to download the files from the megaupload without the premium account.It automatically starts download when countdowns are over with super download speed


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  1. hello the tips ur shown below are really nice thnq u.

  2. hello the tips ur shown below are really nice thnq u.