Saturday, May 22, 2010

Speed up your hard disk and external hard disk

Speed up your external hard disk and hard disk by following these steps

Write caching is disabled for external drives by default in Windows, so that you can remove external drives without losing any data. Enabling write caching will provide a significant performance increase for external drives

  1. Click Start and type “Device Manager” and open Device Manager
  2. Expand “Disk drives” and right-click your external hard drive and select Properties
  3. click the “Policies” tab and click “Optimize for performance”
  4. Check “Enable write caching on the device” and “Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device” then click Ok
  5. Reboot to apply changes


  1. Good post dude...looking forward for some more from you

  2. i will definitely post more interesting posts dude:)

  3. More speed more work! Great trick mate! :D