Sunday, February 7, 2010

Small trick to play with others

It's a very small and easy trick to fool anyone.U can use it in ur labs to fool ur prof's or u can play with ur colleagues in office using this trick.Actually we will make the system look like it's icon or even toolbar doesn't works.
How to do it ?
1.First take a screen shot of your desktop using the print screen key which lies beside scroll lock key.Now open paint(open run and type mspaint enter)right click the mouse and paste u will see ur desktop image now save it on ur desired location and close the paint.
2.Next right click on ur desktop wallpaper goto view and unmark the option show desktop icons by this all the icons will disappear from ur desktop.
3.Now u have to hide ur taskbar to do it right click on taskbar goto properties and mark the option Auto-hide the taskbar and apply the settings.
4.And now comes the final step goto the location where u stored the print screen image and set it as desktop background.
           After successfully completing the process go to ur desktop u will see ur desktop with all the icons and the taskbar but no icon  will respond because it is image of the screen created by u...

Note:- Students have to use it carefully.Don't even think to try this trick on Psycho prof's, u will be punished for sure..Have fun thanks for visiting...Have a nice day :).


  1. lol ..nice one ...very creative :)

  2. harsha_pcgmrsera:

    nice trick dude...

  3. nice trick lol

  4. it seems to be nice... but when you press winkey its all done... even right click also works n alt+ctrl+del also works... anyway my wishes 4 ur try...

  5. @ praveen
    all those u mentioned will work but they can't access any of the desktop icons and they will be thinking that something is happened to their sys.