Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Navigate to certain websites without using a Web browser!

Start any Windows Accessory program such as paint or calculator and open the programs help dialog by pressing [F1] or the menu item 'Help | Help topics'. Right click on the title bar in the Help window and then select the context command 'Jump to URL'. Enter the complete web address in the subsequent dialog as 'http://www.websitename.com' and click OK. This should bring up the desired website on the right window pane. You can now navigate through it using the context commands, accessible by right clicking on the website pane.

The process is visually represented with some screen-shots from my own PC as follows,

Here's the desired website(as follows) which was opened without the help of any web browser.

Calling up websites via the Windows Explorer uses Internet Explorer in the background and is thus not a way to access restricted websites.

Written and posted by:- M.Abhiram


  1. i think the method u specified above also using IE engine ( in background ) to load and display pages because navigate the page "http://javascript.internet.com/user-details/browser-info.html" using the method u specified and observe it show browser details as Internet Explorer

    Then will ur method is going to WORK if IE is blocked

  2. yeah u r absolutely correct kiran

  3. Ofcourse dude! it runs with IE as background.

    And yes, It does work when IE is blocked. Here, just the front end of the browser is blocked. It worked out for me in my collage lab dude, when both of the browsers were blocked.