Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feel easy using Way2SMS

            Its a known fact that way2sms is a best site among free smsing sites of india. But so many of us got little bit frustated of using way2sms site because of its ads, less session time and it is also not so user friendly and hence for all of us Jubin Mitra has developed a great tool ( Jubin free SMS tool ).

It has two versions

1. Windows only compatible version (.exe).
2. A java version (.jar) which is compatible with every OS having JRE installed in it

Its unique features are

1. Send group sms with single click. ( no restrictrion of only 25 destination numbers )
2. Send sms with out any character limit i.e. way2sms restricts user to send only 140 characters message but this tool automatically divides the message into no of parts depends up on size and send them individually.
3. Phone book options to save your frequent contacts on our PC and also you can load contacts from your way2SMS account.
4. free from Ads


  1. Great it works thanx a bunch

  2. Itz a nice post dude..........

  3. Hey guys give a try to the new website It has got a neat interface and loads of easy to use features

  4. thankzzzzz mahn ^_^