Friday, January 29, 2010

How to get rid of Newfolder.exe

Newfolder.exe virus become most popular now-a-days everyone was being attacked by this virus (even me :P)....It's main carrier is pen drive and other memory devices...If it is in ur com then u can smell it easily becoz it doesn't do the background work in ur sys it show's up very quickly...this naughty virus causes following probs...1.u can find a copy of this virus in every drive every folder and in all storage media u have...2.u will get unexpected results when u double click on ur drives...3.SSCVIIHOST.exe will get affected and ur system gets restarted in the middle of ur work(works like :P )....and many more if u notice any of these yo yo things happening in ur sys then it is because of this newfolder.exe is also known as sohanad has variants they are
"     "      "      ".ao
"     "      "      ".am
"     "      "      ".ap

Even the reputed antivirus s/w's are unable to remove it....
But i have the solution for this prob and it is the SRT tool which means sohanad removal tool....
how to use it?
download it and start ur sys in safe =mode and then run the srt tool...repeat the process in every drive and other external devices which r infected...enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanq for reading my post have a nice day...visit again