Sunday, February 22, 2009

Invisible messenger users in yahoo

As all of yahoo messsenger member knows that Yahoo has a Stealth settings feature that lets you choose the people who see you as online and offline (
Invisible Mode). But with some of the Web tools you can find that your Friend is in Invisible mode or its Offline.

Tools to Find Invisible Yahoo Messenger Users:-

1. XEEBER: The best and easy way to detect your buddy is XEEBER. With Xeeber you can discover who is online available at yahoo messenger and who is invisible.

2. It has some New Features Like -
Main Yahoo! ID detector.

As you know everyone can create up to 7 Yahoo profiles in Yahoo! It means that one person can IM you with several display names! A lot of people try to fool their friends by IMing them with their profiles, that way you think they are different people while it is not true! With Main Yahoo! ID detector you can find out the main ID of profiles! From now on no one can fool you that way.

Get people’s Yahoo! display image

With Display Image Catcher you can steal other user’s display pictures. is web-based and free.

3. is a new webtool which also help you to find the Invisible user and also let you know which Avatar he is Using.


  1. Huh...very interesting site. Very useful tips!

    Tried some out actually and they are surprisingly effective!(not just the yahoo one, but all) :)

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